Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Harrogate is coming around far too quickly.

So now all the holidays, bank holidays and long weekends are all over, preparations for the Harrogate Home and Gift show have begun in earnest. The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy.

As you know, I have been working on my new range of gift wrap and tags – now that has gone to the printers I have turned my attention to what else needs to be done before the show – this is always slightly dictated by money – as to what I can afford to do, rather than what I would like to do!

I sat and worked out the new catalogue layout yesterday and decided on what was staying, what needed to be reprinted and where the new products would fit in. Again we are going to have to add additional pages - 4 new pages of dots and spots loveliness.

I now have a list of designs that now need to be done in the next few weeks so that everything can go to print in time, be photographed and then the catalogue will be able to go to press and be sent out before the show.

I have also been working on my stand design – not too different from previous shows as it all needs to fit in the car.

Alongside all the show prep, I have been working on a lovebird themed wedding commission – which is a nice change but very time consuming.

I have also been watching an interesting series on BBC2 recently called Britain's Next Big Thing – it shows various large UK stores like Habitat, Boots and Liberty’s holding open days, where small British based designers get to pitch their products and if successful, get to see their items being stocked in these prestigious stores.

Whilst at Top Drawer Trade show in January, we were lucky to receive interest from a buyer representing a chain of 30+ UK based stores. I was asked to send samples back in February and 2 weeks ago I received confirmation that they will be stocking my full range of Christmas card packs and place settings.

The last big order I did, back in August took me 3 days of solid packing - the order numbers this time around are such that I have estimated it will take me 27+ days to pack this one order alone!!! I have been busy putting together all the printing elements and will be ordering in the region of 60,000 envelopes! Eek!

So as you can see - dots and spots is keeping me extremely busy and certainly out of mischief! Thank goodness I no longer teach on a Friday!


wacky wire said...

Hi Becky, always read your super relevant blog. Good luck with the new catalogue and of course, Home and Gift. Will pop in to say hello. Wacky Wire Linda

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Becky, that Christmas order is on a scale I just cannot imagine - go you! That is absolutely fantastic but you're definitely going to have to have all hands on deck to get that one done! Congratulations on all your success, it's amazing! x

gabrielle said...

Wow, that's amazing, Becky! Can you get some part-time help in to get you through the craziest patch? Will be so excited to hear what the chain is when you can tell us. Go team dots and spots!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, that's fantastic news...good job you have given yourself that extra day in the week now!!

I'm amazed how it's gone from strength to strength in such a short space of time...I bet your head is spinning with it all.....let alone the excitement of it all!

I LOVE a success story ;o)


hello grogeous xxx

Pene said...

Congratulations on the christmas order thats brilliant news. You are going to be so busy and with the Harrogate show as well gosh. You will have to share who your big order is from and will they be stocking your wrapping paper and gift tags as well?
I have to say I can't wait to see the wrapping paper
Good luck (not that you seem to need it) Hugs Pene

Sarah Foster said...

Hi Becky
That is amazing news on the huge christmas order. Congratulations! I love reading your blog you are such an inspiration :)
Sarah x

edie sloane said...

Fantastic news abut the massive order - well done you

Peony and Thistle said...

Well done you! fantastic!