Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fantasy House Buying!!!

My husband completely despairs of me – we have a lovely home but I’m always on the lookout for a new house, a new project (like I have loads of spare time to do up a house!)

I waste my precious evenings on a fantasy house hunt, scouring rightmove for the next new house (in my dreams)

It is ‘imaginary’ shopping as most of the houses which inspire or interest me are double, if not triple the cost of our current house.


Since we have been married (15 years this year) we have moved every 3 to 4 years – we have owned this house for 4 years – it’s been habitable for just over three so I am now embarking on projects within the house, like redecorating or tarting up bits and pieces, when really I want to be doing those things to something new. We had to do a lot to this house – rewiring, skimming ceilings, re-plastering, knocking down walls etc The above photo's show the changes.

When we bought this house, dots and spots didn’t exist, the children were a lot smaller and because we were living in boarding accommodation, the house was initially planned to be a space to escape to during weekends and holidays, so space wasn’t an issue.

Now we have lived here for 3 years you start to see the problems and you start to draw up a list of want you want/need in your next home and no matter how often and how hard I look, I don’t think that space is out there – definitely not on the budget we have.


I want 4 bedrooms or an additional reception room for a guest sofa bed.


I want private parking for at least 2 cars and a bigger garden


I want the big, live in family kitchen that fits a sofa in too


I want a bigger studio / office space


I want a lovely old fashioned wooden porch/ veranda


I want a spacious hallway


I want lovely high ceilings,


I want wooden floors preferably painted white


I want boarded walls


I want big windows that let the light in


I want, ideally space to house dots and spots in its entirety rather that as it is now, in premises


Yes I know – ‘I want, never gets!’ but if I win the lottery tonight – I know what I will do with the money I win!!


dosierosie said...

My son is hunting for his first house at the moment and taking me to all the viewings. I'm having a ball and have found several places I could have fun with but nothing he wants. Oh dear means we keep looking.

All things nice... said...

My house that is being built at the moment will be my first home and my last home as it will be my home for life. I have lived in several homes with my family but as my boyfriend farms the land we will be staying put. But I do watch escape to the country all the time. I tape every episode on sky and watch them all :)

All things nice...

Wendy said...

Oh I can so empathise with all this! I also do fantasy house hunting - but mine is all in Greece, preferably a little island, off the beaten path. Some are surprisingly affordable!
My current house ticks a lot of boxes, but a good percentage of those are still in the "potential" stage! I also fantasise about a sofa in my kitchen! One day, maybe. We do have the room for the massive extension at the back - but not the cash, at the moment, sadly.

Pene said...

I won twice last night £2.60 and £7.40 grand total £10 not quite enough to move house I'm afraid but doesn't stop me dreaming. I want one of those slides in the last pic for the child inside me lol..
Have a lovely weekend
Pene x

Mummy Boo Bear said...


I think i could of wrote this post! We have been in our current house for nearly 13 years. We were single both worked full time when we brought it. Now we are married with two children. To say our needs have changed is an understatement. I dream of having a bathroom/toilet upstairs amongst many other things and a massive live in kitchen/dinner/living space. With a seperate large living room and big garden and four bedrooms! Sigh I think i might be dreaming though! lol. DH says with all the specifics in mind we would have to build the house of our dreams. Cant see that happening either! lol.

Still a girl can dream. Love your house though its gorgeous!


home made gorgeous said...

It's so good to have dreams like this isn't it? These pictures are sooo lovely and I love the before and after pics. We are trying to save for our first home at the moment, slowly and surely, and I am constantly fantasy house buying in my head! Have a great weekend, Sarah x

joy said...

if you ever find the house you are looking for, please let me know, its identical to the one I am looking for

Fibrespace said...

Glad I'm not the only one who wastes hours on with an imaginary budget :)

Anonymous said...

rightmove is great, isn't it?.....I do it all the time ;) I waste hours on it. good luck with your seach x

Anonymous said...

Hope one day you get your imaginary home. We can all dream though x

charl said...

ive just come across your blog so have had a good ol nosy around!!.. your house is gorgeous i love it i love how light it looks but cosy at the same time..lovely family home!!
i have to admit that im a righmove freak/fan also!.. i am on it every day usually looking at places by the sea or in the middle of the country and dreaming the whole time perhaps theres a name for these symptoms!


Anonymous said...

We're looking for our first home at the moment- all these photos are so inspiring though I think we're a long way off being able to afford it all!

Really enjoying reading your blog!

gooseberrymoon said...

I think even if I lived in a huge house it wouldn't be big enough. It would just get filled with stuff.

Romana Priolo said...

There is nothing wrong in looking for a new house. I mean, at least when you actually start buying you will know what you will be looking for. I have seen people go to several houses and still be undecided on what they are going to take. And remember the “Law of Attraction”. What you want so much in this world, you will get sooner or later. Just don’t give up on your dreams.

Amos Daniel said...

It's always wise to dream:) All things do start with thought. But what's cool about dreams, though is that it gives us a chance for interpolation, for the chance to look at the ideas and considerations from various angles, to help us arrive at what we really want in life. Same thing with buying a house. It helps to map out and plot the purchase in our head before making it, and take all real estate concerns in consideration.

Jamie Hooper