Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

My Bank Holiday weekend has been spent giving the house a little bit of TLC. There are many jobs around the house that have needed to be done for a while and I use the excuse 'I'm too busy' far too often. So with all my design work done for now, I adorned some old clothes and got painting!

Our bedroom was top of the hit list - when we moved in 3 years ago, after all the renovations were complete, we had a fire. It was predominantly outside at the back of the house - a spark from the floors being sanded set alight a pile of cardboard, which in turn set the fence panels alight. We lived in boarding accommodation and got that dreaded phone call from our neighbours in the middle of the night telling us 'We think your house is on fire!' Although most of the fire was outside, a hole made in the back wall ready to connect the downstairs loo, sucked all the smoke into the house and there was a lot of damage.

Some of the smoke damage wasn't really discovered until later, when I went to wipe what I thought was a mark on the wall a year or so later, it turned out the mark was in fact smoke damage from the fire. When I wiped the mark, the smudge just got bigger and bigger - it has been one of the jobs I just couldn't face until this weekend.

So we moved all the furniture, washed down the walls, radio on and it was back to painting. It really didn't take that long and before bedtime the room was back to normal again - job done!

I then continued to paint over any mark or paint chip around the house - the poor children weren't allowed anywhere because of the wet paint!

I've also been putting up a few new prints that I treated myself to.

And yesterday I treated myself to some new spotty oilcloth in the Laura Ashley sale and recovered our kitchen table - looks much better I think!

There's no stopping me - the children's bedrooms have been cleaned and de-cluttered, the bathroom is getting my attention next then the downstairs! I knew once I started, I wouldn't be able to stop.

My 1950's kitchen cabinet has also been given a little face lift but the paint is still wet so I will share that with you another day!

The rain has just stopped and tomorrow I have to be back in work mode and face all the orders that have started to pile up - so I better tidy everything away for now - enjoy the rest of the week - hopefully the rainy weather has passed and we can enjoy the sunshine again!


Pene said...

Sometimes the thought of doing something is actually a lot worse than actually doing it!! The bedroom looks lovely, job well done
Pene x

Jenny said...

Looks great Becky! I've had a similar kind of weekend, though maybe not quite as hectic as yours! Have been painting an old table and chairs, and it too will be having a laura ashley oilcloth makeover when it is dry! Also had a massive clearout though still in the stage that the house looks like a bomb has gone off! Enjoy your evening in your newly painted house ;) xx

Sue said...

Wow you have had a busy time, but the results look great, you should be really pleased with yourself!

Nic said...

Your room looks great. I am beginning to think that white/cream is the way to go so that I can dress it all with colourful things.
Do you paste the vinyl onto the table?

charl said...

once you get started its often easier than you first thought isnt it.. but then it shows up what needs doing in the rest of the house!!>
i love the colour of your bedroom could i ask what colour the paint is?

dots and spots said...

Charl - the paint is just Dulux - Cornflower white - it does come up a lovely subtle blue