Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gift Tags

Now gift tags and I don't really go together. When I first started out I made each individual gift tag by hand. I then moved on to a printed version but each tag needed to be hand punched and strung. Cutting out 100's of pieces of ribbon was one of my most loathed jobs. So now I have my gift tags printed and strung to match our wrapping paper, packing tags are no where near as bad as it used to be.......

......well unless you are talking, packing 100's!
We are offering our Christmas gift tags in a variety of ways.
The pack above is a pack of 6 tags - 2 each of 3 designs, if you like the pattern side on the wrap.

This pack is again a pack of 6 tags - 2 each of 3 designs of the fronts of the wrapping paper.

We have a mixed pack of 6 tags where you get one of each or.....

......you can choose a pack of 6 tags of one design.

You are simply spoilt for choice - happy wrapping!


Elfcrafts said...

Hi Becky, your tags look great. Glad have managed to lighten the work load ( even if it is just a little) xx

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

They look AMAZING x