Sunday, 2 October 2011

A bonus end to Summer

We have been experiencing some unseasonally warm, sunny weather - what a treat! It has been glorious - at least 5 days of uninterrupted blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures.

Autumn is nudging it's way back in and by mid week we will be back to the temperatures expected for this time of year - so we have been making the most of the sunshine and have spent most of our time out in the garden this weekend.

We have taken advantage of getting all the bedding washed and dry,

and picking the apples before they drop off the tree in the autumn winds.

The grasses are nearly over but the tips remain green and

the tree is still in leaf, although it won't be long before the leaves turn and fall but with it, leaving a smell of candy floss as they fall.

The very last sweet peas which are still in flower,

have now been picked and the delicious scent enjoyed for one last time.

So it is farewell to Summer but what a way to say goodbye and hello to Autumn.


Judith said...

I totally agree, Becky.
The weather is also fine here in the Netherlands with temperatures rising up to 26 degrees!
Lovely, isn't it?! said...

Such a good idea to do a screen shot of the weather forecast. I imagine that in a few weeks we will all think it was a figment of our imagination. Just about to have barbeque; doors still flung open; sitting here in shorts and all a bit more tanned .... but it's October!

Elfcrafts said...

Hi Becky
This weather is totally gorgeous, it's nice to be able to put washing out on the line - considering I always have so much :-) Hope it continues xx