Friday, 7 October 2011

Having one of those moments....

This isn't a moan, I know how lucky I am to have my own business but just an honest opinion of how I'm feeling today.

I tweeted yesterday evening that I was feeling a little over whelmed by the sheer amount of what I have to do at the moment. It's the time of year when we are extremely busy with trade orders, retail orders are steadily building up and quietly behind the scenes I am supposed to be working on all my new designs for Top Drawer and our launch of new products for 2012.

I was awake between 2am and 5am, my mind just racing - I did manage to work out the new catalogue layout or so I thought, until I saw my scribbled notes done in the dark in the early hours!!

My studio is a tip - just piles of things beginning to crop up in any available space and then there is, the 'on the side' commission work to do - the things I should say 'no' to because I don't have the time but the things I say 'yes' to because I don't want to let people down.

Every now and then, I just completely stress about all I have to do. This year is different, in that I do have 2 mornings of help but of course also in that time, the business has grown.

It doesn't help that I try and squeeze in a new set of wrap designs before the end of the year. Not only is there the initial design time but then also the visits to the printers. Everything has had to be photographed for the website and then made 'live'. The order form has had to be done, samples for my agents made up before I even begin to tackle the orders.

Steve - my fab printer came and delivered all the wrap....

.... and stacked it all neatly on the shelves.

The gift tags are also here and are beginning to be made up into their various packs.

I managed to take a few photos today before I rushed home with all the orders, checked through the numerous phone messages and emails in my absence and then onto the school run.

What I really need is one of the above. I only have a cheap pay as you go phone and so don't like the smallness of the keypad etc so am debating whether to treat myself to an i-pad or a netbook with my 'BIG' order payment, so I can check on emails etc whilst over at the premises. If you have an i-pad - is it any good?

At least it is now the weekend, although it is already full to the brim with things to do. I am desperately hoping I'll be able to slope off to my studio for an hour or two if I'm lucky!

Okay, mini moan over, just feeling a little stressed by the enormity of what's ahead but I know it will all be fine in the end - plans are being made to do things differently next year, just little things to ease the stress and slow things down just a little.

Have a lovely weekend.


Jenny said...

It always amazes me how much you get done Becky, you are like Superwoman! Sure it will all come together in time, hope you manage to get a bit of relaxation time this weekend too xx

Moobaacluck said...

Becky I feel for you xx I don't have a big business as you know - I think through fear partly of exactly what you are going through - which is kind of pathetic of me. But then I am starting to wonder if that's just because it wouldn't suit me. Sorry I should blog myself!! I think you are doing so well - its that tipping point I think where perhaps you're just going to have to invest in more staff. Or Jeff leaves his job? would he ever do that? Shall I be quiet?!It's great that you are sharing how you feel and you know its all worth it. You've acheived a huge amount in as short time. Maybe slow down a tiny bit next year re. new products so you get to design for the lines you already do? I am thinking of culling and consolidating but also starting up another brand with dh - so who am I to talk. I am mrs - I can do that! and then Mrs Oh my goodness what have I let myself in for:-O Big hug Gabs xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I know at little about how you are feelin hun! As Jenny said, you are a super-bloody-woman!

You really need to treat yourself to whatever gadget will make your life easier. Sit down, have a cuppa and be a bit kinder to yourself.

Other than that, you are too busy to do much more than get to work. ((HUG))

Pipany said...

Well, I think you are amazing and all amazing people are entitled to have a little moan sometimes! Becky, it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed - you will get it all done but that doesn't mean it's not blooming hard work. Keep at it and fit in a little 'you' time (the books always say that!) x

dosierosie said...

You deserve a treat and I'm sure it will make your life easier.
Gillx said...

Thank you for sharing your frustrations with us - I think it's easy to think that everyone else copes brilliantly and expands their businesses effortlessly, so it is actually quite reassuring to hear that sometimes it's not all sweetness and light. Treat yourself to the i-Pad you deserve it and if it will make life easier then it's a no-brainer.

Pene said...

Becky I think your amazing, especially what you have achieved in this past year. Buy yourself whatever gadgets you need to make your future achievments easier and more fun!! Have to admit never saw the fascination with I-Pads until today when I wandered into the apple store and spent an hour playing with one. Now I wish I'd asked for one for my b'day instead of the LED TV I've just picked up.. Oh well theres always christmas ;)
Take care honey
Pene x

koolbadges said...

I work for myself too & my iPad allows me to work on the go too. If i find myself with 10 mins whilst i am waiting on someone i reply to emails or Blog. Its really handy.

Christmas is a crazy busy time & its hard to stay on top of everything. We are a husband & wife team too -- we need Santa to send us some elfs to help out.

Love your products & your doing a great job.

Elfcrafts said...

Hi Becky, what you have achieved is amazing you are bound to get stressed out at some point. I have an Acer a500 about half the price of an ipad but just as amazing worth a look ( I'm using it now). Xx

Helen Rose Glass said...

I got an iPad in the summer and haven't looked back. I did wonder if I was being frivolous at the time but thought I deserved a treat after a stressful academic yr and I'm so glad I made that decision. It makes answering emails a lot quicker and easier plus the arty apps are fun to play on in spare moments :)

Quirky Boots said...

your doing an amazing job and achieved so much since taking the plunge to do it full time. credit to you and your family. all the best for the new structure next year :)

we are only human and can only do so much, enjoy this coming season too xx

dots and spots said...

Thank you for all your supportive comments - I was just having one of those days - it is always nice to hear I'm not on my own.

Suzanne Lake - made from my heart said...

I'm a little behind on blog reading and caught up on your last 2 tonight. Definately a good read, and I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling the strain. You are doing a fab job and we all love seeing your work and hearing how well you are doing. I hope that the comments you get are encouraging and help you to overcome the down and super stressful times. You are an inspiration so thank you for blogging!
I would also say I bought a acer netbook this year and its kinda slow and annoying so I wouldn't recommend it. i'm not sure if its me as I'm not totally ok with computers but wouldn't recommend that netbook. Hope you get through the season without a hitch. xo

daisy daydreams said...

My ipad2 is the best thing I have every owned (apart from my 2 children). Although it doesnt have flash player - hey who needs it anyway, it is just a dream - how did I ever get through life without it. Once you own one you will never look back, pricey yeah, but worth every penny. Plus, your kids will love it, mine do.....x

Amanda said...

You are amazing I don't know how you do it! Go for it with the ipad or whatever you need to make your life less stressful, you deserve it. I thought about buying a Macbook for years before I invested in one and I've had one now for over a year and it has been amazing, it means I can spend time with my partner but still do research whilst watching mundane T.V. anything that saves you time is great for someone running their own business because as you know 'time is money'.