Sunday, 18 December 2011

Longleat 2011

Today we went to Longleat - all 18 of us. It has become an annual event to get together with Jeff's side of the family before Christmas - have a catch up and exchange gifts the weekend before Christmas.

Normally it's 'just' the train ride to see Father Christmas - I say 'just' because that in its self is a magical event but this year, a few more festive attractions had been added - ice-skating being one of them.

I hadn't planned to have a go but Sophie only managed once around the rink so rather than waste the ticket, I was persuaded to have a go!

I fell spectacularly at least once but somehow managed a few turns around the rink - in my own unique style!!!!!

The main house was open with a fairytale theme - personally I thought this was a little disappointing but it was a chance to warm up and enjoy this spectacular Christmas tree.

The highlight for me was this musical Christmas tree - very Disney but certainly puts you in the Christmas mood.

The lights were spectacular changing in time with the music - fab!

Finally, it was time to take the train through the wood to see Father Christmas and a collection of happy children to end the day.

It really was a lovely day, even lovelier to share it with all the family - if you do decide to go - look out in May/June for booking the train - you really do need to book that early especially to get a late train when the lights and magic are at their best!


Lisa said...

Wow, Longleat looks amazing! Definately somewhere I'd love to visit. Looks like a wonderful place to go at xmas. Just had a look at your xmassy decs, your house looks so warm & welcoming :-)

Miss Pixie said...

It looks lovely! I went to Longleat once a few years ago and loved it. I definitely want to go back one day.

x said...

That looks fantastic. It is so lovely to have family traditions especially if you have to book them so far in advance that you don't get caught up in the Christmas rush and never get round to it.

Karenza Paperie said...

made me homesick as I used to go to Longleat regularly - never gone on the train at xmas though so maybe one day!