Friday, 2 December 2011


Our decorative sticky tape is one of our bestsellers - we have been selling it now for well over a year and a half and if anything, it's popularity has grown.

I started to produce it when the company in Germany I bought from, stopped selling it. I looked everywhere for a suitable alternative, couldn't find any anywhere so decided to design my own.

It took ages to find a suitable supplier here in the UK who could manufacture it to my specifications - 30 meter rolls rather than the standard 60m so I could sell it to trade at a sensible price and in 2 different widths.

Due to the volume we sell, we always have one or two rolls per box that aren't perfect - the tape is in perfect condition, just the inner core might be marked or scuffed. The 2nds rolls are a bestseller by far, as at £3.50(wide) and £2.75(thin) a roll it is such a good price.

We have put together a collection of festive tapes and have reduced the price even further as a little festive thank you - Just £16.50 for a set of 6 rolls of tape - that's 180 meters of sticky tape heaven and works out at only £2.75(wide) a roll! This offer is only available as long as stocks last - so get yours now, to avoid being disappointed.

Lots of you have ordered these festive tape sets and are available here but I am going to give away 1 set to a lovely follower. All you need to do, to be in with a chance of winning is
  • be a follower here on the blog or over on my facebook page and
  • tell me which current design is your favourite and
  • what NEW design you'd like to see amongst our tape ranges.

We have 17 fabulous designs to choose from in a selection of 4 colour ways. My favourite has always been the red and blue star tape but I'd love to know which is yours.

Just leave your comments and I will pick a winner early next week.


KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! Please may I join in......? I have been a follower a while and enjoy reading all your posts.

I love all your pretty designs so if I should be lucky anything will be fine
Julie xxxxxx

One Off Needlework said...
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One Off Needlework said...

Red Stars for me too. So festive and cheery - for some reason they make me smile...

joy said...

of the christmas designs, my favourite is the tree, but of all the designs my favourite is country garden. perhaps you could add some flowers to your range for next year?
keep up the good work, and have a wonderful christmas, you certainly deserve a break x x

Jemima and the rose said...

I 'heart' your designs, its like being 5 again and peeking through a sweetie shop window at all the delicious colours and patterns! I could eat them all up!

Perhaps thats an idea for you (Like Willie Wonka) lickable, flavoured tapes :)

"You're turning Violet, VIOLET!"

I would be in my very happy place with your tapes and would be SO excited to use them on all my Christmas presents for loved ones! They would look SO scrummy yummy under the tree!! :)

Tis the season to be merry! :)
Merry Christmas & BIG dots and spots loves to all

Ps If I am lucky enough to win - any designs for me - they are all delicious! XXXXX

Sarah David said...

I am a sucker for stars, so that would have to be favourite too! And an idea for a new tape would have to be owls...again, i'm a sucker for them!

Helen said...

It's between the Christmas trees and the red starts - I can't decide!

I think a blue snowflake design would be really pretty for wrapping Christmas gifts x

Dinki Dots said...

Wow, I'd love a chance to win, and I'm a follower of your blog!

Hard to pick my favourite design, they are all so nice! Maybe the pink stars!

A new design could be polka dots with hearts.

Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!
Maria x

Claire said...

Hey Becky, gosh your range of tape is absolutely fabulous......being a chook lover, the red hens are my favourites followed by the love birds.

My suggestion for a new design would be something along the crafty line. Balls of wool and needles or sewing notions...needle and thread, thimble, buttons that sort of thing. I think it would look great and be very popular........


Charlotte said...

Morning, I love these tapes, have got the brown paper ready, so id love to win some of these pretty favourite is the pink cupcakes, and I love the blue/red combo on the Xmas present. Maybe a baby bottle/baby bonnet theme for a new range? Fingers crossed, thank you for including me
Happy Christmas!

Peony and Thistle said...

Ooh, so hard to choose which I like best.... but I think it has to be the blue beach huts! LOVE them....

I'd love to see a tape with some flowers - maybe a peony rose or even a thistle.....!

Thanks for this generous giveaway! Fingers crossed!

tamarajayne said...

I love the Christmas trees in the festive designs. I also love the bunting tape in any colour!

I'd love to see a row of pretty little bird houses on tape :)

Barbara said...

I also love all your designs and I'm always without a catalogue because I've given it away to someone.
I would really like some more narrow tapes for gift wrapping, and I love best the lime green colour ones as I usually wrap in Lime paper.
I came to your site because Paperchase stopped doing their multistripe design tape, so I think there's an opportunity there for a stripe tape using all your colours.

henny designs said...

Another follower and FB fan here and I love the red and white dotty one.
I guess I would love to see some colourful hippie flower power type tape because that is the sort I produce myself if I could. xxxx

gill said...

I love the red bunting tape!
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Roobarb said...

Hey Becky
What a lovely giveaway.
I must say my favourite tape has to be the beach huts!
And for another festive tape idea what about gingerbread men?

Sarah (@RoobarbGifts)


Tracey said...

thought i would dip in on my way out to get ready for the school christmas fair and of course was distracted y your lovely tapes, they all look gorgeous, lovre the birdie's with heartys the best...... better dash!

Mrs Bav said...

Choosing a favourite is very hard as I love them all. The stars are great because you can use them all year round and the sweetie tape is brilliant

Um maybe a gingerbread man and lady or some snowflake tape for next year.

April Daisies said...

Love the green Christmas trees Becky! Great for Christams presents with some brown paper. I;d love some Daisies, it would be perfect for wrapping my parcels

Judith said...

Hello Becky,
I love stars, dots and hearts, beach houses and flowers.
hmm and now my favorite one:
blue stars (-: (I think...)
or the green flowers
or the beach houses
or ...

You see, I can't choose - everything you design I really like!

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from The Netherlands,

Julie Cliff said...


I LOVE the red hens tape, so cute and as I have 8 lovely hens very me!!

I would love to see a vintage style tape, so maybe a toile one in muted pinks and blues and then red for Christmas or a lovely vibrant 1950s style tape or a vintage stamps tape and a tape measure tape!!


Rosie maddocks said...

My favourite designs are your hens and little birdies, I love any designs with birds or hearts. I think perhaps a little check or a gingham would make a nice tape. I think this would work for Christmas or all year round. I think your tapes are fab! xx

Fotf said...

A favourite, how do you choose a favourite lol. Ok if i have to choose it would be the cupcakes as i'm all about the baking but i love the birdy silouhettes too ;) Already follower on FB and love to read your posts :) and love my advent too. All about the Owls :)

Mrs Shilts said...

I'm a keen follower of both your facebook page and your blog and just adore your products.
My favourite tape is the red stars as its so festive and can be used for all occasions.

Have a fab Christmas Becky x

made with love said...

I love the hearts and the cupcakes and would love to see owls as a new seller.

What a fab giveaway. Fingers crossed :0) Good luck everyone.
Rachael X

dosierosie said...

The red baubles is my favourite and maybe stars and stripes together for a new one?
I also love the christams trees though.

Just me, Leah said...

The red stripe one is my fave, closely followed by red stripes.

New design? I'd like to see some icy snowflakes on white. x

Quirky Boots said...

i love the green does and green bunting, i always purchase it. what i'd love to see more than anything is fun toadstools xx

Joy said...

Well it is difficult to decide between the beach huts and the bunting. And then there is the cupcakes......
I would love to see the following; penguins and Christmas puddings for Christmas. Sewing machines and knitting for others. Oh, and owl too or should that be twit too woo!!!

kate said...

Hi Becky,

My favourite is "Christmas Trees" & love cheerful "Bunting".

I'd love to see some lace tape, stamp tape or old newspapers

Bring back those wonderful feelings of nostalgia with some beautiful retro tape.

Thanks so much for hosting this awesome giveaway! what an incredible giveaway…

LOVE those decorative tapes <3 I’m gonna retweet and let deco tape lovers know :)

Mouse said...

Hi, love the xmas baubles, thank you for a fab giveaway, i'm a follower too. x

Pene said...

Hi Becky, what a brill giveaway!!Fav tape would be the christmas trees for christmas but all time fav would be the blue beach huts.
As for new ideas I would love if you could do tape with little dogs on it especially if it was little westie/scottie dogs. If you did I'd buy in bulk honest!!
Have a great weekend
Pene x

Forest Flower said...

I adore those red and blue stars too! Also totally in love with the Christmas Baubles tape!! And the stripes. And the polka dots...

Already a follower here, on Twitter and facebook ;-)

home made gorgeous said...

Hello, ooh yes please I would love be entered into the draw, all your tape is lovely I'm not surprised it's popular. My favourite I think is the Christmas trees.. maybe Christmas puddings with holly on top could be another design? Have a great weekend, Sarah x

Julie said...

ooooooo, I love the red tape with the white spots [I'm a bit of a polka dot lover;)]
Perhaps a new tape in the christmas range with toadstools on, that would be wonderful.
Have a magical christmas with your family.
Ju xxx

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Just found your lovely products and blog,loving all your designs,so to win your giveaway would be great !!!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

love the stars, oh and wish for polka dot and anything beachy... roll on the summer.

Very interesting story, what a lot of get up and go you have... keep it up :)

Lucky Makes said...

What a great prize, fingers crossed! I LOVE your christmas tree tape, it's my favourite and I would love to see wee gingerbread men on some tape!!
Love reading your posts, constant inspiration and motivation!
Louise xxx

Jenny said...

My favourite is the cupcakes! I love all of them though!

A new design could maybe be zebra stripes in different colours. Especially purple! :) I'd love to win :)

Queen Bee said...

Love SOOOOOOOO many of them...... Beach huts, simplicity of the stars, cupcakes but if you make me choose it will have to be bunting!!!

New design - skull and crossbones please ...Arrggggg Me Hearties!!!!

keynko said...

I follow on FB! There seem to be a lot of Christmas tape - what about a spring/easter one - daffodils, chicks, bunnies etc?

Petal Textiles said...

I love the red stars too, also love the red bird design.

Would love to see penguins or snow flakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the love birds in black colourway. I would like to see tape measure sticky tape added toy uor collection, with a dots and spots twist of course xx Karen Hall off Facebook.

BuddingCrafter said...

I love the "We wish you a merry Christmas" so festive, but I also really like the black love birds tape...decisions decisions!
I would like to see a tape with diagonal lines across it, maybe in a couple of colourways so that you can mix and match, or maybe bees? Something different to add to your garden themed tape?
Emily xx

Mich said...

I love the Green Stars design. I'd love to see a tape with a little plane pulling a banner :)
Twitter: @michlan

Mich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louise said...

little birds combined with spots, perfect together! follow you on facebook x

Zoe Grant said...

The blue stars or the beachhuts are my favourite. I'd love to see your owls on tape but not sure if possible?!

Jenny said...

Hi Becky,

Of course I follow you here and on fb and twitter too :) Love your gorgeous tapes, especially the red and white stripes and the red stars! Would love to see you do a reindeer design next xmas, red and white scandi style!

Hope you're having a good week xxx

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