Thursday, 15 December 2011

Today has been all about.....

.....saying Thank You!

Today was our official last working day at dots and spots before Christmas, as the schools break up tomorrow and I have given my little team the next 2 weeks off, whilst I however will probably be working until Christmas Eve. My poor husband has the task of loading on all the new products onto the website this holiday, in preparation for our next Trade Show in January. So a big Thank You to him.

Rachel and I went and enjoyed coffee and cake at Kilver Court - a little extra treat and exchanged gifts to each other. She helps me 2 mornings a week and I simply couldn't do without her but there are many other people who play a big part in dots and spots too, for which I am thankful. June and Steve cello up all my cards and pick them up and hand deliver them to my home. My agents work hard for me further away from home, spreading the dots and spots designs around the country. The local sorting office greet me happily every morning when I drop off my mail sacks.

Ashley, my soon to be 18 year old student helper, who helps once a week and Francesca (Rachel's daughter) who does the odd hour or 2 on a Saturday morning or in the holidays. There is Rich - my UK Mail courier driver, who couldn't be more helpful or accommodating. There are the Haskins men, who share a loading bay with me over at the premises and who are always more than willing to help me with a delivery.

And then there are my printers at St Andrews Press who work tirelessly with me on everything. I have been assigned my own person - Steve. Poor Steve has to put up with me on pretty much a daily basis when we have a number of projects on the go - so a big shout out to him. But all the team there do something along the process, from a design on paper going to print and I am truly thankful for all their support. So I merrily handed out these fab cupcakes to everyone made by the very talented Jo.

In return, I received this fabulous hamper from my printers

Wow - what a very lucky girl I am.

One final thank you goes out to my fantastic customers and shop owners. Without you, there would be no dots and spots - so a HUGE thank you to you too - sadly I can't send you each a cupcake but enjoy this virtual one instead.

I hope I haven't missed anyone off - Merry Christmas to you all.

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