Monday, 7 May 2012

A day in the studio!

 Today is Bank Holiday Monday and I was supposed to be going to Bath with the children as Jeff has to work, but this morning Sophie woke with a temperature, so we had to abandon all plans and stay at home!

 It's miserable again, my neighbour informed me this morning that the wet weather is here to stay until at least June!

 So I am spending the day at home in my studio - pottering. I can't really get stuck into anything new, as I still have the swan to finish and  know that I can't devote any real time to anything new, for at least another week.

 So I'm sorting through a lot of bits and bobs

 Making things look tidy 

 and getting a little organised in preparation for next week, when I can get stuck in to some new designs.

I hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend - I'm hoping it might brighten enough later to at least get some fresh air, I feel the need to get out and do something but that rain is getting in the way!


artworkbyangie said...

It may be wet and rainy, but your garden still looks very inviting to me - I love your chair with the beautiful clematis climbing next to it, very pretty :)

I know how you feel about all the rain...argh, until June! really?...sob! We did have a very brief bit of sunshine up the road in Bridgwater today, perhaps its on its way to you. I hope your daughter feels better soon. x

dots and spots said...

Thanks for your comment Angie - the garden is lovely - even lovelier when the sun is shining. It's quite a sheltered spot too. It's been showery here all day so took the afternoon off and spent it watching UP!

Judith said...

Really, if you take a good look the world is beautiful even when it is raining.
But sunshine is necessary to feel good, isn't it?

Vanessa Cabban said...

There is nothing like a bit of enforced staying indoors to get things done is there?! It's always pot-luck with the weather on Bank Holidays, we had mixed weather, sorry your weather was so gloomy. We had a bit of sun today, it feels amazing! Love Vanessa xxx