Thursday, 24 May 2012


 I love Wells - it's the smallest city in England because it has a Cathedral but has the hustle and bustle of a market town. I pop over to have a wander, usually on a Wednesday morning if I can as it's market day.

 I went this Wednesday to go to the bank and also check out my spot for the Swans of Wells - our location had to be changed, so we our now going to be located outside of Phase Eight, just beside the archway leading you to the Bishop's Palace and Moat - a really great 'spot'!

 It's also right on the edge of  the market which is always really busy - lots of yummy local fresh food on offer too. It's always there on a Wednesday and Saturday in the market place at the top of the main street.

 Towards the end of the high street is a rather lovely new shop - Poppy Greens Home - it's been there since Easter and has an ever changing mix of lovely things on display.

 I must confess I am very tempted to buy one or two things I don't need, just because.......

 Next door is the lovely Millie Moon - they tweeted a picture of some gorgeous new Summersville fabric that had just arrived - I follow Lucie Summers the designer on twitter and have always admired her talent so I bought some fabric for Sophie (any excuse) I'm going to put it away and surprise her in the summer holidays when we have more time to give her sewing some attention - I just couldn't resist and the lovely Becky (owner) was very encouraging!

 So a lovely morning followed by a lovely lunch

 and delicious, locally sourced roasted vegetables for tea - perfect on a sunny evening.

 If you are visiting this area of Somerset over the next few months then do visit - it really is a very lovely place to spend a day and soon......

....there will be a flock of colourful swans to spot too.

2 comments: said...

Poppy Greens Home looks like a dangerous shop! Can't wait to see your swan in situ.

KC'sCourt! said...

As soon as the swans are insitu I'm visiting Wells!
Julie xxxxxx