Friday, 18 May 2012

The swan has left the building

 On Tuesday I finally varnished the swan - there had been a problem with the varnish drying so it was applied with, I must confess, a little bit of fear! I certainly didn't want all the hard work to be ruined at the final hurdle but I jumped for joy when I checked in and saw a lovely shiney surface gleaming back at me on Wednesday morning.

So yesterday saw the swan, leave the building!
She has gone over to the swan's nest to be photographed and assembled with the other 59 swans, ready for the press launch and grand reveal on Monday the 28th May on the Cathedral Green in Wells, Somerset.

You can follow them on twitter and keep up with any news over on their website.

1 comment:

Lady Jane said...

oooh - we're spending the day in Wells on that Monday - I shall look out for your spotty swan!