Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Press Launch Day

Yesterday was the big day in the life of a swan artist - it was Press Launch day - 20 of the 60 swans, on display on Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset. It wasn't until I approached the growing crowd surrounding the swans that I realised........

........that our swan 'Royally Dotted and Wells Spotted' was one of the 20 on show.

The BBC and ITV were filming but the footage was minimal, sadly blink and you missed it LOL!

It was a very proud moment to see my swan in such impressive, creative company.

The swans looked fantastic against the wonderful backdrop of the Cathedral and their presence certainly drew lots of attention from locals and visitors alike.

The swans will now be put into their new homes, where they will remain for the Summer.

Martin Roberts from BBC's 'Homes Under the Hammer' was there and is going to be the auctioneer, when it comes to selling off all the swans in late September - so get saving if you fancy buying one - all money goes to support local charities.

So a fabulous morning followed by a special lunch in the Swan Hotel for the Artists and Sponsors involved. Remember if you want to find out more - just pop over to the official website


KC'sCourt! said...

I saw your swann on the local news yesterday - CONGRATULATIONS! Do you know where your swan maybe situated?
JUlie xxxxxxxxx

Arty Gilly said...

Well done Becky, we will be going to see them in a few weeks time so will post you a pic on Face Book :)

dots and spots said...

It's going to be on the pavement outside Phase 8 just by the archway entrance to the moat and Bishop's Palace. They are all being put into position over the next few days ready for the Jubilee weekend

Fleur Cotton said...

That looks great ... would love to visit but such a long way from Cheshire :(

Just had a look on the official website..I may be biased but I think yours looks the best!

Have a lovely week in the sunshine.
Fleur xx

Linda C said...

Well done on producing such a beautiful swan, she looks amazing.
You must feel such satisfaction after all the work you put into her.
If only I lived closer......

Gilly Tee said...

technaYour swan looks fantastic , wish I could get to see them all, I love these trails.

Gilly Tee said...

Sorry wrote the verification words in the wrong place, I'm not calling you techna. : )