Monday, 21 May 2012

My session with Jo Sheldrake

I HATE having my photo taken!

Maybe if I was a couple of stone lighter it would be okay.

But I received a phone call from a local photographer last week, Jo Sheldrake - she saw my Theo Paphitis article in the local paper and wanted to come and see the studio and take some photo's!

She champions women in Rural Business and photographs them at work, including interior shots of their home. I'm more than happy to have the house photographed.......  but me!!!

She is just getting to grips with twitter and a new blog so please give her some support, I'm sure as she finds her feet, there will be some lovely posts in the pipeline.

You can find out more over on her website


Hannah said...

You shouldn't be so camera shy! I love it when you're featured on your blog too. I've seen some of your Dots and Spots mugs in my local Rossiters and I think I might have to treat myself come pay-day.
Can't wait to see the unveiling of the Swan too.
Hannah. x

Tracey said...

Jo did you proud lovely photo's.

VA Boutique said...

Ahh you look lovely.
The photos look so wonderful.
p.s I hate getting my photo taken too!!! x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Becky your sunny face is always a welcome shot and the photos are great!

Jo Sheldrake said...

Ahh !! Thank you Becky and everyone who is out there creating beautiful things!! It is always wonderful to capture on camera! Keep on creating!!


Stripes and Stars said...

The photo of you is beautiful. Just one question, where did you get that wonderful stripe jumper, I must have one. Amanda.....x

dots and spots said...

It was from Joules this season - bought it at Easter down in St Ives. It's available in 3 colours - very flattering neck line - here's a link

dots and spots said...

Ah link didn't work - go to Joules then women then click sweatshirts - it's listed there

Stripes and Stars said...

Thanks Becky, you look really lovely In yours....x