Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Road closed!

I could not believe my eyes last night - I was dropping one of Sophie's friends home and in doing so did the 'school run' and there on the bridge was one of those yellow signs warning of a road closure starting on the 10th of September. Inwardly I groaned as a small stretch of this road has been closed before for 5 days and caused major diversions and hassle. On our way home we made sure we read the board fully and to our horror, discovered that it was be be closed until the 23rd of DECEMBER!!  A whole term of chaos! I checked the Council website when I got home and it was even worse saying closure until 31st of January! 

I have just phoned the council and am now sat waiting for a return call. If the road is going to be closed I'm afraid I will be extremely grumpy for the next 4 months. We chose to send our child to a school out of catchment but as our son's primary school is on route, it was a sensible choice. The school run is such a time waster as it is but if the bridge does close, it'll mean a good 20 min detour 4 times a day and I'm not going to even think about the cost of all that extra petrol! Why they didn't start work 6 weeks ago during the school holidays, is beyond me too - not the best way to start the new school year!

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