Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bunking off!

Today I felt a little naughty - Sophie had a day off school, so I bunked off work for the day. We still had to take Sam to school, so dropped him off at Early Birds and headed off to Bath for a day of girlie shopping.

We haven't been to Bath since well before Christmas, so a little retail therapy was long overdue.

We didn't have loads of time, so ticked off our favourites, which of course had to include the fabulous Cath Kidston. The sign should say and did say 'SHY' - the light must have made the 'Y' disappear!

Of course I had to buy something, it would have been rude not to. I loved these mugs the minute I saw them in a Spring preview picture, so came away very happy with my 2 mugs..... and a few other bits and bobs. Well, I might not get to go back until the Easter break.


katysclutter said...

Sounds like a fab day to me!

jill said...

How lovely having a girlie day with your daughter.Love the mugs and as you say it would be rude not to buy in such a beautiful shop.xx

Judith said...

Well done, spending a day with your daughter is such a pleasure!

The mugs are very nice, but I prefer yours (-: