Saturday, 16 February 2013

The sun.......

.......made a glorious appearance this morning.
Always such a joy to see at this time of year, well any time of year.

Early morning glimpses of it down the stairway.

Then in the late afternoon, if lights up the front hallway,

moves into the sitting room and

 catches the back of the house.

The evening walk around the park was beautiful.

Fingers crossed, we see a lot of the sunshine this year. 
I think we deserve it.


Judith said...

Just walkin' on sunshine (-:

Beautiful pictures and the card - love it!

All things nice... said...

It is such a change to see some sunshine, looking forward to the flowers and trees blooming and everything coming back to life. Hope your having a nice weekend, love your home, particularly your collection of pictures on the stairs

All things nice...

Crafted by Carly said...

We've been enjoying some lovely sunshine this weekend too. It's so good to feel a bit of warmth on the cheeks! :-)