Thursday, 28 February 2013

In need of cheering up

February has been a funny month, the sort you blink and miss on the one hand but the sort of month that's taken it's toll, on the other. It's hard to believe it's been and gone already but I'll be glad to see it gone, particularly if it takes the bitterly cold weather with it.

I've been finding it hard to eat 'well', craving carbs in this cold weather. No weight has gone on but no weight has come off either. Not really salad, fruit and yogurt weather!

My friend bought me these beautiful tulips this morning to cheer me up. We both have a longing for some warm sunshine and a change of scenery!

Tomorrow's 50% FRIDAY will hopefully cheer you up - it's a 'mixed' bag!! 
You will see our fabulous spotty bags on sale tomorrow for the last time for a while, so stock up! There will also be lots of 'mixed' items and some Mother's Day treats if you haven't bought yours already or need to hint to your other half, what you'd like to receive.


Dawn Pittan said...

I agree this month is possibly worse than January!!!! Working at school keeps me smiling - love everything you are selling - keep smiling and hopefully the sun will soon shine!
Dee - Northampton

Primroses Attic said...

So glad this month is nearly over, roll over spring, can't wait.