Saturday, 20 July 2013

Nearly the holidays.

Another glorious week of weather has been with us. Yes it's been hot but I've not been complaining because as we know, it all too quickly can change and alas, I think that might be ahead in the next few days.

We've been making the most of the lovely evenings, going on a longer walk across the fields and Somerset countryside. Our efforts have been rewarded by dunking my feet in the paddling pool on our return! Bliss!

Blue skies and sunshine for days on end have been wonderful. I always wondered whether it would last in to the children's holidays and I guess that will have to be a case of 'wait and see'

Sophie finished her first term at her 'New' School and has broken up for the Summer. It was a very brave move on her part but has been a really positive one. She has made good friends and is really upbeat about her studies. Next year is 'Option Year' so the timing has been right as she feels happy and settled before she has to make her subject choices.

The boy, well Sam has still 2 days to go! He is exhausted and in need of the holidays. There seem to be so many things on at school - the final Year 6 fete (above) was a lovely final event followed by a sleepover for a friends birthday. Just the Leaver's Assembly to go on Tuesday followed by a skittles evening and then he is 'done'. No more Primary school - the end of an era. 

dots and spots will continue to function as 'normal' over the Summer Holiday period. There will be a few days in early August when orders will be delayed, as we have a small break away in Cornwall. I will of course keep you posted when I know. As we are staying with my parents, we can be flexible and time it with a spell of good weather!! Otherwise, orders will go out as normal. I hope you all have a lovely Summer break and fingers crossed, the sun will continue to shine

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