Sunday, 8 September 2013

A little bit of 'new'!

I hinted in my last blog post that I was doing something new, well I am!

My friend Sam owns the fabulous Maddie Brown in Wells, Somerset. She was dots and spots first ever stockist. At the time of Jeff's redundancy, Sam's Saturday lady handed in her notice. She didn't want to do every Saturday so I offered to help her out, extra money in the pot and every other Saturday felt do-able along side dots and spots. 

So over the Summer I have been doing a few days there, to get myself  'trained up'. I've always loved the thought of having a shop but was realistic about the time restraints that come with it. So doing a Saturday here and there is perfect.

So yesterday was my first day behind the counter going 'solo' and I survived. In fact it was a lovely change. When you work for yourself, even if you have a little help, it can be quite insular, so being in a busy shop was actually quite fun. It also means there is a little extra going into the pot. So all round it feels like a good decision. Thank you Sam for giving me the opportunity too. 


Anonymous said...

I love that shop, and I remember spotting your goodies in there! Xx

Judith said...

How exciting for you, good luck!

I definitely have to go to England and visit the shop (-:

Anonymous said...

My idea of the perfect job! I am so jealous! I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your days there! Mandy x

Andrea said...

Hey that is fab for you! You will really enjoy it and no doubt very good at it too!