Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn feels like it's just around the corner!

Saturday was a bright sunny day - the perfect warm start to Autumn.
I was working in Maddie Brown's all day so saw little of the sunshine but was kept 
nice and busy as everyone was out in Wells. 

I'm really enjoying myself but am being terribly tempted by all the gorgeous things on offer. I just couldn't resist these fantastic salt and pepper pots by Cath Kidston.

So my Sunday has been spent on catch up over at the premises,
packing orders ready for tomorrow's post! 

And my afternoon was spent in the studio which is beginning to get a little chilly,
hence the socks have come out

So whether you love it or hate it, Autumn is on the way.
I actually like Autumn and as we've had a lovely Summer this year, I don't mind it's arrival.


Janine Marques said...

It is true smell´s already Autumn, as always your photos are very nice:)
Have a good day and good work :)
If you like make me a visit, just enter on my blog it will be a pleasure to have your visit :)

Sheila said...

So pretty! What a busy day getting organised. I love the scent of autumn too, esp after such a great summer. I know its doing the garden the world of good too!

Primroses Attic said...

I could not resist buying something.
I would be broke by the end of the week.
My socks are now staying on till next year. Not the same pair of course.

Anna said...

Same piękności, wprost bajeczne klimaty:)))