Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bad drivers!

Some people just shouldn't be on the road!
This morning as Jeff was going to work, an old man drove into the drivers door whilst Jeff was stood to the side of the car about to get in. A few centimeter's the other way, this damage could have been done to Jeff. It doesn't bare thinking about.

We live in a terrace row of houses, supposedly in a 30m speed zone - parking is on the road but very obvious to road users. People simply drive too fast, do not leave enough time or room to react and as a result these unnecessary accidents do happen.

This is the damage to the key alone, which was in the door!

I know no one got hurt (luckily) and I know we have insurance but we now have the hassle and expense of finding a new car. A minute, not even of time and care by the driver was all that was needed. So how unlucky are we, after my tractor incident earlier in May, that we are now on the hunt for a second car in less than 6 months. My sister will be sad - she had the car from new and my parents then had it, before passing it onto us when we needed a second car. Guess what I'll be spending this afternoon doing!


Pene said...

Jeez Becky talk about close call, your right though there are so many bad drivers around it's unreal. The other day I was driving through the village to take Daisy down the beach for her walk and a car pulled out of a side road on my left right in front of me. And I do mean right in front of me, I slammed on my breaks breaking so hard that Daisy was thrown off the seat into the foot well. I stopped literally an inch from the other cars door and what did he do?? Wound down his window and screamed abuse at me!!
I should have just run into him I could do with a new car..
Good luck with the new car hunting, maybe go for a hummer next time?

Deanne said...

oh my goodness, that is awful, thankfully no one was hurt but its the trauma of going through all the insurance documents, finding a new car and i'm sure the old man didnt bat an eye!

Elli Moody said...

So glad no-one was hurt- nothing worse than looking for a new car though...

Primroses Attic said...

Good luck, finding a new car. So glad no one was hurt. So many crazy drivers on the road.

dots and spots said...

It's a right pain - Can't believe it's happened twice now in less than 6 months. Need to hear back from the insurance company as to whether or not it's a 'write off' but can't see how it can't be

KC'sCourt! said...

Glad everything is OK and no one was hurt, but really people should concentrate. There are lots of accidents and not just accidents, but cars turning over and landing on the roof on a stretch of road near to where I live because people drive too fast.
Julie xxxxxx

Stripes and Stars said...

All I can say is cars can be replaced, just glad nobody was hurt. I think a large glass of wine may be needed tonight.
You are not having much luck with your cars at the moment are you. Happy car hunting this afternoon. Amanda x

Wendy said...

It's a horrible thing to have happened, Becky - but I can't help thinking you are a victim of something much bigger here too. My dad was driving for too long and was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's. In this country, you can't be diagnosed without your permission and in his case, by the time we could get him to agree to go to the doctor's, his Alzheimer's was pretty advanced. The trouble is, in the early stages many people either deny it or don't realise (my dad was keeping it a secret as much as he could). Then they are adamant their memory is fine (they can't remember that they can't remember). And - ironically - one of the first symptoms isn't memory loss, it's lack of spatial awareness or language difficulties. I'm only mentioning all this because it was an old man that caused the collision. That could so easily have been my dad a few years back. I only hope the old man who bumped Jeff's car has family who can convince him he might need to see a doctor or give up driving! Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a rant, but it's something close to my heart at the moment (I have two parents with Alzheimer's)and it's something most of us aren't aware of. I hope that all the hassle you are having as a result of the bump isn't too overwhelming x