Sunday, 1 June 2014

Goodbye half term - Hello June!

So it's June - crikey!
Not sure where the time is going at the moment - half term has certainly come and gone.

The weather hasn't been great - grey and miserable for the most part with heavy downpours and very little in the way of glorious sunshine.

I've done the inevitable shopping trip with Sophie, have worked in the shop and kept on top of dots and spots orders. The highlight this week for me was on Wednesday when I met an old friend who I have not seen for the past 10 years. She lives in Abingdon where we used to work together, so we picked a half way point which happened to be the Trouble House Pub near Tetbury. It was fantastic to catch up and 3 hours of nattering later, I turned round and came home with the promise of not to leave it as long next time.

I've been keeping up with my run/walk regime and am at the point of almost running more than walking - I'm very proud of myself. I certainly would never have considered myself a runner of any kind. 

The new bit of garden continues to merge into the old space. 
The veg plot is looking very healthy and productive.

We even have our first pea pod.
I always joked with the children that they had to eat peas to be a proper Peabody (our surname) - now they can grow their own.

 We've added the table and chairs to our new bit and have had our first meal down at the bottom of the garden.

Before in April
After in May

I think we've done a good job.
Now the garden is finished we can hopefully sit out in the sunshine and enjoy it.

So it's back to school/work tomorrow and the normal routines - then a 7 week plod until the Summer hols. Here's hoping there will be plenty of sunny days in between.

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Anonymous said...

Wow re your garden before and after pics. What a wonderful extra space you have created! We just need a summer to go with it! Mandy x