Wednesday, 18 June 2014

St Ives Snaps competition

I've entered 3 photo's into Poppy Treffry's 'St Ives Snaps' competition over on her facebook page. Go take a look, there are some fab entries which all make me really wish that I was in St Ives right now.

This photo of the seals feeding from the returning fishing boats was taken during the Summer 2010 and is one of my favourites.

I had to have one of the infamous St Ives seagulls - they are a real menace but it wouldn't be St Ives without them!

This final pic is all about the colour, the green seaweed and beautiful clear blue sea. It was taken one Summer when there was a very low tide.

I have 100's of photo's of St Ives from over the years but I thought these 3 summed up the St Ives I love. If you go take a look over on Poppy's facebook page, 'like' any that catch your eye. 


Anonymous said...

I love St Ives! Great photos! Mandy x

MargoBowBells said...

Gorgeous ! Good luck....seagull is my fav ! X

dots and spots said...

Thanks ladies - will be going again in the Summer,love St Ives