Friday, 27 June 2014

My one regret.... that I didn't travel enough when I was younger. I have a real yearning to see more of the world and wish I'd done more before I had real responsibilities. Don't get me wrong I've been lucky - I went to France twice with school and managed to persuade Dad that the German trip was educational! I went on a cycling holiday to Holland and went to France again with University. It was in my 2nd year in University I flew for the first time at the age of 20, when I went on an exchange programme and lived in America for a year. I also worked and saved hard to go inter-railing around Europe for 6 weeks in the Summer of my 3rd year and promised to return to all the places I briefly visited. So I didn't do too badly but.....

I then met Jeff and we both settled into work, house, responsibilities etc and holidayed on a different Greek Island every Summer until we honeymooned in Majorca and then had children. Holidays were then very much here in England until 2 years ago when we ventured as a family to Majorca, followed by Ibiza and there has been no going back. Only I want to travel more and have to be patient!

I want to go to Italy and tour the wonderful cities, I want to go to Paris and Barcelona and return to Prague. I want to go to Corsica and Island hop around Greece. America and Australia are on that wish list too. Sadly money isn't in huge supply, such that we can just go and the thought of 'traipsing' around various Italian cities is Sam's worst nightmare. With the children still in school and Jeff a teacher, the only time we can go is when everything is at it's most expensive. So that's were the patience comes in.

Now I'm not wishing my life away but once the children have left home in 6 years time (if they do!) then we will be able to holiday 3 weeks earlier than the state schools so hopefully it will also be cheaper. In 4 years time Sophie will be taking her A-Levels and Sam his GCSE's during the same year, so IF they wanted to still 'be seen' with us, we would be able to go away earlier then. I have made Jeff promise me that in our retirement years we will travel to all the places I long to see and so I have plenty of time to make lists, to research wonderful places and save up, so that when we can go off travelling I have it all worked out!!

I hope all those going off on a GAP Year or Summer adventures before University have the best time and see as much of the World as they can. I will certainly encourage my 2 to do that if they chose. 

Best I do some work and get saving!! Have a lovely weekend.

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