Monday, 11 August 2014

Normal life resumes.

No sooner are we back from holiday and the trips to the unit resume to pack orders, followed by the necessary visit to the Post Office. Morning outings to Tesco for the food shop and cooking, washing etc all fall into routine -sigh!

We did have Sam's birthday to celebrate and add a little cheer. I can't believe he's just turned 12 and is now as tall if not a little taller than me! Time is going by far too fast sometimes.

The weather has been pretty mixed on our return. We have just about turned all the washing around but the trail of Hurricane Bertha fell on my poor pots - my poor sunflowers.

The veg plot however has thrived though in our absence.

The pumpkin is still with us. I think it's probably as big as it will get now but hopefully we can keep it going until Halloween!

We've had an abundance of courgettes, beans and the last remaining pea pods to harvest.

So we've had beans for tea every night and (minus little visitor!)

I've been thinking up as many ways as I can, to cook courgettes.

I've had the joy of picking numerous posies of sweet peas - they smell divine.

When we have had a burst of sunshine, I've been sat out topping up the tan and making the most of it. I hate to mention it but I must say, I think there is the beginnings of an Autumnal feel to the air.

My poor sunflowers certainly look Autumnal - although that is probably down to my neglect whilst away, rather than how they should be now.

So normal day to day routines have resumed, although thankfully in a lazy way as we are still on school holidays. In fact we are at the half way point, although I always feel the last weeks seem to go by much quicker. I will have to start thinking about shoe and uniform shopping and do I dare mention, Christmas prep! eek!!

Well the sun has just made an appearance so I will go make the most of it before the next shower arrives - have a good week.

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MargoBowBells said...

Thats a pretty impressive sparkler on that cake ! I collared my lad for a rare hug the other day and was amazed how far he had to bend over to me and how high I had to reach up to him.....when did that happen??...the years fly by so quickly...