Friday, 29 August 2014

The unexpected

This week I have been unexpectedly busy - an order we thought was no longer wanted, suddenly became very much wanted and wanted 'yesterday'! So with a willing (cash strapped) helper we have put in the hours and worked hard to get the order ready in time for dispatch early next week.

So we have made up a mere 264 festive Wrap Packs

Packed Merry Christmas Tape and Mini Gift Packs and

made up 648 packs of Gift Tags - that's 3888 tags - not that I was counting!!

So my Friday evening is very welcome tonight.
I have a date with a big mug of coffee and the sofa.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and a glimpse of some much needed sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done on your hard work. Hope you are enjoying your fri eve relax! Mandy x

En4tainment said...

well done glad business is going well, love seeing small business doing well, x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a great surprise albeit a hard working one! Hope you enjoyed your mini rest, no doubt it will be short lived.