Friday, 15 August 2014

Where has the week gone?

Time has just whizzed this week - nothing exciting to report just general goings on. 
I did manage to get early pickings of some blackberries - I looked back at the blog and it was late September last year.

So I made this delicious apple and blackberry cake again (recipe here). Trouble is I'm the only real cake fan in our house and it's far too tempting.

I guess the main thing we've done this week is help move Jeff's Dad out of the family home. Twenty years of stuff and 1000's of books, need I say more. I must confess I feel the urge to sort, tidy, dust and de-clutter my own house after the last few days. The house he's moved to is perfect for him - smaller, cleaner and now full of a lot less stuff but still full of 1000's of books!

I've also been picking and packing Christmas orders, going out to organised trade customers and today I've been shopping. Today Sam had his annual shopping trip to Bath. He hates shopping but has to get school trousers and shoes so whilst I have him as a captive audience, I try to get some casual stuff too. A coat, pumps, jeans, tops, school shoes, trousers and socks later - I am bankrupt! He is at that really awkward age/height/size of not fitting into children's clothes anymore but not really into adult sizes either - so it's a case of getting what fits regardless of cost. I'm exhausted!

So back home to peace and calm and an hour out in the garden with a coffee, to rest my weary feet. The weekend weather doesn't look too bad although getting colder - autumn is in the air.

Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

That cakes looks lovely! Same with my son - shopping trips are rare therefore get all we can when we do go. I have started putting a bit aside each month so when we do eventually go there is a fund for it! My daughter could shop for England but thankfully is at an age where she buys her own clothes! My purse sighs with relief! He he. Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Sounds so similar Mandy - Sophie loves to shop and saves up her pocket money so she can buy things herself. Sam on the other hand is literally dragged round - sigh! I wonder when he will start to get interested in clothes and the way he looks - probably a few years away yet and probably as a result of some girl lol!