Friday, 7 November 2014


Friday mornings have become a little weekly highlight for me - it's 'weigh-in day' and rather than feel anxious or worried about what the scales might say, I actually look forward to it. I know I've stayed 'on plan' and hope that the scales show a loss each week. Well this week I've lost another 2lbs taking my total to 20 pounds off in 8 weeks, just 1lb away from a stone and a half!

I also received my Club 10 Award today - I have lost 10% of my starting body weight!

I must say, I have surprised myself - the plan is great and makes complete sense. This pic just shows you a selection of the fab food I have been eating over the past few weeks. You have to be prepared to cook from scratch but it is so worth it.

I even made my own fish and chips when everyone enjoyed 'chip shop chips' from the takeaway. 

I'm keeping up my daily walks around the park and walking generally whenever I can.


I think this pic is a good reminder of what I have achieved over the past 3 years.
The photo on the left is me March 2012 3stone heavier than I am today.
I lost 3 stone on my own back in 2012 then gradually put half of it back on, I've now lost the weight I put back on, with Slimming World in the past 8 weeks, so am starting the new phase of my weight loss journey. I still want to lose another 2 - 2 1/2stone as that will put me into the top end of my healthy BMI . It's still quite a way to go but with the Slimming World Plan and support, I think I might get there this time.


SusanBonnar DottieDesigns said...

Wowsers! Look at your face! Beautiful in both but what a difference! Well done Becky you are doing brilliantly xx

dots and spots said...

Thanks Sue - that was the day we met Theo! #sbs

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Becky! What achievement! You are pretty in both photos but I can see the weight loss in the one on the right and I know this is much better from a health point of view. I hope you feel as wonderful as you look! I hope you reach your final goal. I have no doubt you will. Good for you! Mandy x

joey said...

Awesome and amazing achievement with your weight loss! Well done you- you look terrific!

Sarah Wardle said...

That's great! Well done!

Sue said...

FABULOUS. Well done Becky,It's not a d**t is it, just a new way of thinking about/cooking food(i know that's a bit cliche)!!
Well done
Sue xxx

dots and spots said...

Thanks for your lovely ccomments - still have a way to go to get within my healthy BMI but there's no reason why I shouldn't get there if I follow the 'plan' and get the support from my SW group. Will post a few updates along the way x