Friday, 28 November 2014

WOW! What a morning

WOW! What an unexpected morning - I lost 2lbs this week which was a nice surprise as this week has been so busy and I haven't been able to give everything my full focus. I only went and got 'Slimmer of the Week' too and ........

....... 'Slimmer of the Month'!!!

Feeling pretty chuffed - who knew my Friday morning's would be such fun!


My food this week has been generally good, although I did indulge at the weekend.
I have sort of planned my week, which is key but I have had the odd lunch time 'grab what I can' and sat and watched everyone eat Chip Shop, fish and chips last night and only picked a few!

For me it's now the clothes and how I feel. I think it's beginning to show that I've lost a bit of weight. The first pic is me 11 weeks ago when I started and the next pic is me today 1stone 12lbs lighter!

I'm aiming for another 2lb loss next week so I can collect my 2 Stone Award. I'd aimed to get there by Christmas, so I have a little room to manoeuvre if I don't succeed.


Christina said...

You look SO slim! A 2 stone weight loss is admirable. Well done Becky!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Becky! Bet you feel great! You certainly look great. Well done! Mandy x

Sue said...

Becky you look FAB (not that you don't any way, err you know what i mean)!! Well done keep it up
Best Wishes
Sue xxxx

dots and spots said...

Thank you all - still a way to go but a great start this side of Christmas xx