Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November chill

So this week started with a frost - the first of the year.

I spotted this fab stripey leaf out on the deck.

This weather has got me turning all my fairy lights on from the minute I walk through the door at the end of the day. I finally got around to giving my fabulous LOVE letters a temporary home. They've been sat in a bag for two weeks whilst I tried to find them a space. I'd love them in the kitchen but there simply is no wall space left and you have to be able to reach them to turn them, on as each letter has a switch.

They've ended up in my studio, precariously perched on my blue pigeon holes. They'll be fine there for now but I need a bigger house as I'm running out of space!

Over in the dots and spots unit, I've been busy keeping up to date with all my orders and prepping my display for 'Christmas at the Barn' on Saturday. I managed to get everything priced and packed away, ready to load into the car on Friday - fingers crossed it stays dry. I always take far too much with me but never know what to leave behind!

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