Friday, 2 January 2015

2 stone to lose!

Well today was time to face the music - the post Christmas weigh-in and I'm happy to report that  I lost a pound and won the raffle. Only 5 people lost in group, a total of of 5 and a half pounds and over 80 pounds were put on collectively, so I'm sat here quite happy and a little smug with my pound loss!

I've set myself a set of achievable goals for January as I do every month and my 2015 ultimate goal is to get to TARGET, stay there and enjoy it!

I did have my 2 days 'off plan' over the Christmas break and ate what I liked and enjoyed every mouthful. I didn't go mad ......

....... but who can resist Christmas leftovers. It does just go to show though, in those 2 days my scales gave me a gain of 3.5lbs, so it was a good job I was good either side of Christmas or things could have been very different this morning.

I've decided to give the Slimming World photo challenge (over on Instagram) a go - keep me focused!

As you know I've lost 2stone 4 lbs so far but still have another 2 to lose.

Walking through the Slimming World doors on September the 12th really was one of the best things I did in 2014 and I hope getting to TARGET will be one of the best things I'll achieve in 2015 (no pressure!)

So I'm starting the year as I mean to go on - eating good, healthy, delicious food.

If you are considering losing a few pounds over the coming months, Slimming World has certainly been a great support for me, worth a try!


joy said...

Well done, fantastic achievement. I've signed up and had my first weigh-in, first target is to reach Club 10, will post progress on my blog.

dots and spots said...

I shall look forward to sharing your progress Joy - ever need any help, just shout!

Christina said...

You certainly don't look like you have 2 stone to lose!!! Well done on your 1lb loss. I'm too scared to stand on the scales just yet!