Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Enough of the cold stuff!

I don't like the cold - my hot water bottle has not left my side over the last couple of weeks. Jeff despairs of me as I'm always cold - I could be wearing a fleece and he'll be just in a t-shirt! But I've had enough of it now, although we had a wonderfully mild spell leading up to Christmas, this cold snap feels like it's going on forever!

I'm still willing Spring on it's way and today on my walk, I spotted the first crocuses about to flower. I've been really busy with orders thankfully, so January does seem to be speeding it's way through nice and quick but still not quick enough for me.

I do long for some sunny, warmer days.


En4tainment said...

I am board of the cold to and can't wait for spring x

Anonymous said...

Me too! Mandy x

Jo Bleaden said...

But Becky it is January - Mid Winter. It should be cold. You need woolly socks and jumpers :)