Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Time for a de-clutter!

This weekend I took my wardrobe to task - so many things were too big for me now and as I have no plans to put any of the weight back on, it needed a serious de-clutter. I have been left with next to nothing - I pair of jeans, one pair of black trousers, no shorts at all. Many of the tops I've saved are really too big but I can't afford to get rid of everything and as I still have another 1-2 stone to lose, they'll have to make do for now. I reckon I can hide under layers still for the next couple of months and maybe in Spring go shopping! 

Oh how I loved these jeans, I lived in them! 
They're all patched too as I could've never managed without them.

And this top too has been a real favourite - could get 2 of me in it now!

I wore this top the day I met Theo Paphitis. I remember panickily trying to find something to wear that would fit and ended up with the normal cardie on top to hide the bulges!!

I decided to keep some things (just in case!!) but have vacuum bagged them to store away. The charity shop got a good couple of bags worth and I have a few bits to take to my SW group on Friday. It feels good to have had a good sort out and I look forward to buying only things I like from now on, rather than having to buy what fits. Best start saving!


Sally A said...

Wow. Well done you. I love the photos of the jeans. You look so pleased and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love a good de-clutter! Very therapeutic. Wow! You have done so well. You deserve the new clothes you will be able to buy. So exciting! Bet you feel fantastic! And rightly so! Mandy x

Jayne Schofield said...

Wow...that's amazing !! Well done....I wish wish wish I could lose weight xx Well done you !

dots and spots said...

Thank you Sally A - starting to see a difference now

dots and spots said...

Thank you Mandy - I feel fab but still a stone and a half to go x

dots and spots said...

Try Slimming World Jayne - I eat masses, never feel hungry and have lost weight every week. It really is a good plan x

Anonymous said...

Well done, you're an inspiration! PS I don't know if you're handy with a sewing machine but maybe you could take some of your favourite tops in? Well done again, you're looking brilliant