Sunday, 4 January 2015

End of the hols!

I'm a little sad that the holidays are over, by that I mean Jeff going back to work and the kids going back to school. I'm waiting for February to come for my holiday. I'm not complaining but I've not stopped since the Not on the High Street SALE started on the 23rd of December and our SALE started on the 29th.

I've been over at the unit daily to pick and pack orders, so haven't really had a holiday. As I said, I'm not complaining as I know by February everything will slow down considerably.

One consolation of being so busy is at least the month of January whizzes by. It's my least favourite month and like last year, I will be filling the house with flowers and Spring bulbs in an attempt to 'will' Spring on it's way. So the roast is in the oven, panic over undone homework is underway, uniforms need to be found and the alarm clock will sadly be set for the morning. 
Roll on Half Term!!

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