Tuesday, 7 July 2015

New home - day 1

First morning in our new home and we awoke to sunshine and found a sunny spot to have a coffee.

A quick garden tour - it's a lovely garden - not much I'd change at all.

And a quick house tour - managed to take a few quick photo's before the removal men filled them all with boxes!!  Think potential!!

So we're in and are working hard to sort everything into a temporary living condition, as we're hope to build an extension. Been slightly scuppered by the Not on the High Street Summer SALE starting the week we were due to move. So on top of the packing, moving, unpacking and sorting, I've been daily making up and sending out copious orders. I just keep thinking that'll pay for a new sofa!!


KC'sCourt! said...

House and garden looks great
Julie xxxxxxxx

Debdor said...

They say you should live somewhere for a year before making major changes, but I suspect you will already have a list as long as my arm LOL. I love the Hydrangea's, same colour as mine, and the daisies too. What perfect timing to move with the school hols coming up so soon!

Anonymous said...

it all looks great. and i love the photo on you and jeff with the coffe, maria.