Friday, 17 July 2015

Quick catch up!

So it's already Friday again - where is the time going? No huge developments on the house front, have been too busy with dots and spots orders to get stuck into anything yet. Really waiting for the school holidays to start and Sophie's room will be all systems go! We do now have architects drawings and as I type, said drawings are with various builders to quote for. We can then decide whether we go for one storey or two depending on the cost and finally get things put in for planning permission.

On the SW front, despite eating loads in attempt to stay the same or gain, I actually lost another half a pound this week. I'm still in target but am nearing the lower end again - need to work out what I now need to eat, to maintain rather than lose!!

I've started up the running again - have found a 5k route here in Street. My pace has slowed a little but I'm sure once I run 3 times a week again it'll improve.

I still struggle sometimes to think of myself now as a runner! Never in a million years did I think I would ever come to enjoy running!! When I started back in March I remember being so chuffed at running a whole 5k with no walking in 30 minutes. I then a few weeks ago, ran a Personal Best of 25 minutes and 23 seconds! I've run the Wells 5k and the Bath Race for Life and can easily run 3x 5k's a week. I really enjoy that bit of 'me time' first thing in the morning, a really good play list powers me on and when I'm done, I'm set up ready for the day ahead. My body shape has changed too, I'm much more toned thanks to the running x

So the children broke up today and the Summer hols begin - I just hope the sunshine catches up with us all. I have a wedding of an old school friend to go to tomorrow and I think Sophie has plans to visit IKEA too, so a busy few days ahead - have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

You are looking great Becky! Many congrats!! Amazing what you have achieved! Bet your new house will be amazing too when all done. Looking forward to following your journey with it. Good luck! My youngest left school this time so school days over for me. A chapter closes but another begins as uni looms. Eldest now working.
Mandy x

Karen Walk said...

I've recently started running, I'm on the couch to 5k app, about to start week 4. I'm amazed at how much my fitness levels have improved already, although I'm still unsure I will manage a full 30 mins in only 5 more weeks! Well done, great achievement xx