Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New Home - day 2,3,4!!

So the house is beginning and when I say beginning, I mean just about beginning to take on a slight resemblance of home! Lots of boxes have been unpacked or stacked neatly in corners. The plan is to make the house temporarily liveable for the next 6-8 months until the new bit is built - we'll then transfer into the new bit and tackle the main house.

The kitchen has been given a jolly good clean, although I must say although the kitchen isn't to my taste, it was left clean! We took down the curtains, removed some cupboard doors to create some open shelves and had to remove a cupboard to fit the fridge-freezer in but it's now up and running and functional, with a lovely view out onto the garden. It will eventually become a downstairs loo, utility and have a door out onto the garden.

The bathroom carpet was one of the first things to go - I managed to buy a cheap off-cut of lino and with an extra bit left over in the house, we have a new clean floor - I even fitted it myself!! We've replaced the loo seat, shower head and removed a shelf and a cupboard. Just need to track down a replacement curtain  or buy a cheap blind and it'll do for the next few months.

We're using one of the downstairs reception rooms as our bedroom. We've put our curtains up although as you can see they don't meet in the middle lol. Jeff's put up hanging rails either side of the chimney breast as temporary wardrobes, so it's purely functional, rather than decorative at this stage.

Yesterday I re-arranged Sam's room so it was more habitable for the next month or so. The plan is to get Sophie and Sam's rooms done this Summer, so we're using the box room as a holding room for each of them whilst I decorate. The box room will eventually become dots and spots HQ!

For now, the kitchen table can't actually fit into the house but is down in the Summer house out of the way and in the dry. When it's been damp out, we've been having meals out there. We have a smaller table set up in the sitting room if it pours and we can't eat outside or get to the Summer House.

So we've been busy, actually we've been VERY busy! Now things are beginning to take shape the house is already beginning to feel like home, although I'm itching to get on with the build and need my architect to get a move on now!!

So that gives you a little idea of what I've been up to - a busy bee!


joy said...

I'm worn out just reading that post, Becky. Well done in all you have achieved so far, I'm really looking forward to watching progress over the coming months.
Joy x x

Lisa Perry said...

Hi Becky
Just thought I'd catch up on your blog and say hello! Congrats on your weight loss you look fab :) I can't believe Dots and Spots is 7 years old - I remember ordering my first pack of Xmas cards when you first started! Wishing you lots of luck in your new home and I am sure you will have it looking fab in no time!! Lisa Perry x

KC'sCourt! said...

Its looking great!
Julie xxxx

Debdor said...

I see you have a sunflower coffee too! I am not really a coffee drinker, but I bought one of each design and am now offering coffee to everyone that visits... Loving the adhoc dining room.

Lisa said...

The children's rooms look like both are a lovely plain canvas for you to be able to decorate to their taste. So much achieved already and with your future plans, it's going to be busy for a while yet!
Lisa x