Saturday, 11 July 2015

New Home - Week One!

It's hard to believe we've been in our new house a week already - this past week has flown by and we've worked jolly hard. I would describe the house now in a state of being temporarily habitable!!! With the build starting September/October (fingers crossed) we can live like this for the next 6 months or so. The plan then, is to move over into the new bit whilst the main house is tackled. 

We're cobbling together bits and pieces for now but not sure these are quite up to the job lol. My big FAIL! I was happily putting them up when Jeff came up the stairs and said 'A bit short aren't they?' I hadn't even noticed the length - whoops! Even in this state, they're better than what was up.

Jeff and I found a route to run and I went out for the first time in 2 weeks this morning. It was hard work but we did a good time and each time I go out, the route will become more familiar. Not as good as my old run but I'm sure over time I will suss out a good route for me.

I've kept on-plan throughout the upheaval of the move and lost again this week, although still in my target range, most probably because I haven't stopped. I've been told to eat more now I'm at Target, so I'm hoping now we're settled, things will start to slot into a pattern and I'll start maintaining rather than losing.

Am still loving picking fresh raspberries from the garden - we're hoping they survive the building work and plan to have a fruit and veg garden running along down the side of the house, right beside the kitchen once it's all done.

The boys 'played' at being tree surgeon's this morning and cut down a tall thin conifer from the front garden - it'll let in more of the evening sunshine and frees up an extra space for a parking spot - a good job all round.

Whilst the boys were busy cutting down trees, Sophie and I moved all her stuff into the box room so we can start actually decorating her room soon. We found good floorboards to sand and paint and I can feel a trip to Ikea and the next big Flea coming on soon. 

So we've not stopped and we've a long list still to tackle but I feel we're getting there! The house is already feeling like home - a good move I feel x

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