Monday, 14 September 2015

A weekend of two halves

What a busy weekend, no make that a busy week!

It all started when my lovely SW Consultant asked me to write a few words about my weight loss journey as she'd like to get it into the local paper with her advert. Reluctantly I did it, I didn't really want to be in the local paper but wanted to say thank you to her for all her help and support, so made the effort for her.

So on Monday the story goes on-line and out of the blue I receive a message from the South West News Service, asking if they could send a photographer over. They'd seen my story and thought it was great and they could do more with it!!!

So Thursday comes and Alastair arrives to take my photo - more like 300 later!!! He took the recent shots of David Cameron surfing this Summer. 'These will probably go into the nationals tomorrow' he idly says!!! What?

So Friday comes, I go to my SW group as normal. It was exactly a year ago that I walked through the doors 4 stone 8 pounds heavier, so I had a lot of thank yous to do. My consultant was lovely, saying how proud she was of me and how I'd inspired many others along the way. Well I had to dash as I was having a rare weekend away.

I got the bus to Bristol, then the train on to Birmingham. One of my best friends from University days was back over from Australia and so......

......Sophie, Sharon and I, who all shared a house together at Uni and haven't all been together for at least 14 years, met up!

So we're off out for the evening and get a message to say someone had seen me on the Mail Online in the FeMail section.......

Then I'm being told it's in the Yorkshire Post and the western Daily Press!!! OMG!!!

Saturday comes and the arrival of another housemate Steve and friend Eric - lots of eating, drinking talking, laughing and reminiscing followed and I forgot all about my five minutes of fame!

We really did have a great time - Eric and I hadn't seen each other since the day we left uni 21 years ago. Steve and Sharon were a good 13 years ago and Sophie must have been 6 maybe even 8! But you know what, it was just like it was yesterday - good friends are there forever even if you don't see them for years, you just pick up from where you left off.

So once on the train back home, I had chance to take stock of all that has happened. A fabulous weekend with really good friends and the added excitement of my 'five minutes of fame'. It was lovely to get home and have hugs and hear stories from their few days without me.


So today everything is back to normal, orders going out, waiting for couriers (I'm always waiting for couriers!!!) the cupboards are fully stocked up with fresh food and the school run is imminent. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'll keep you posted if anything more happens. 
There was a mention of magazine interest...... x


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve your five mins of fame! You have done so well!!

Lovely you met up with your uni friends! Dropped my son off at Bristol uni on Saturday. Boy, that tugged at my heart strings but he happy and settled already so that is a comfort.

Take care

Mandy x

Angel Jem said...

Inspirational, I think so indeed! How wonderful to have your 15 minutes (or more) of fame! I'll have to pop over to the websites and have a read. Hopefully you'll get some business off the back of it as well!

LindaB said...

Hi I've only just come across your blog, and as I started one of your recent blogs, just had to go back and read your inspirational story. So well done and many congratulations. Thank you also, having reach my target 4 years ago and managing well until recently (many things have contributed), I have decided to join again with Slimming World. I like a great many of your pictures, couldn't stop smiling. A great programme to follow and the results, if you want, are there for the taking. I reach a certain '0' birthday this year and want to feel, 60 and sexy. Thank you

dots and spots said...

Are you on Instagram LindaB? I post my meals daily over there - lots of great inspirational acconts to follow x

dots and spots said...

I hope your son enjoys his time at uni Mandy - It'll be me in a few years time - eek! Bristol is a great city so he should hopefully enjoy his time there

dots and spots said...

Thank you Angel Jem - all a little surreal