Friday, 18 September 2015

Where does the time go?

Can't believe that it's Friday again already!

One and half pounds on for me this week - was to be expected, given my weekend away eating and drinking. I really don't mind as I enjoyed myself and know that with SW, I can easily get it back off.

I pushed myself with my running this week and ran 6k at full pace - pretty chuffed with my time as I added in a hill too. Will try it again over the weekend and see how I do.

This weekend Sam gets moved fully into the box room and wallpaper stripping starts in earnest. I have a date for the electrician booked so best get cracking. We are frustratingly waiting for planning permission to get started on the build. I'm excited and scared in equal measures because I know chaos will surround me for months on end but in the mindset, the sooner it gets started, the sooner it's done.

I hope you have a great weekend - I'm taxi driver for a lot of it and wallpaper stripper in between!!


Angel Jem said...

I had a great weekend. A whole two days at home with nothing to do except housework and DIY. For some people that could be hell, but I love the slow paced freedom to tick things off my to do list.
Hope the stripping has gone well?

dots and spots said...

I'll be honest I've not started Angel Jem - ran out of steam! Have cleared the room ready and have a deadline of next Thursday to get it stripped and carpet up =, so no excuses this week x