Friday, 4 September 2015

September starts!

I was asked to share my Slimming World journey in one pic over on Instagram yesterday - great timing as I approach my 1 Year Slimming World Anniversary next week. I can honestly say that this past year, walking through those doors last September, has changed my life forever!

So with September 'starts' in mind, I struggle to believe that this is Sophie's final year at school and can't quite get over how tall Sam is getting, considering he is 3 years younger than Sophie! Jeff trialled his new 'walk' to school and it's 5 minutes from the house to his classroom, so he'll have no excuses for being late!

The electrician has now been and fitted the additional plugs in Sophie's room, without damaging the newly painted floor too badly - phew! So she'll be moving in this weekend and Sam will be moving into the box room ready to start his rooms transformation. He's so undecided about colours, style etc so I'll have to work my magic and try and come up with an scheme more fitting for a teenage boy.

dots and spots HQ needs some serious attention - I've been 'popping' over doing bits all Summer but really do now need a serious few days making up stock. We shall start our 'Early Bird Offers' again mid September - a chance to buy at a low price, not to be seen again this side of Christmas, so worth a look.

Have a fabulous weekend - I intend to run 5K, swim 20 lengths and move lots of boxes!! 
Hope your weekend is a restful one x


Debdor said...

Becky I am so proud of you, well done. You must have been ready to do it, and so have been very successful. Have you thought of getting Sam to look on Pintrest for inspiration for his bedroom colours? I didn't realize that ASDA do a range of paint, so far am pleased with the bathroom paint, and they have a sale on online at the moment.

Angel Jem said...

Doesn't that photo just make you proud? What an achievement!

And the children look so tall and grown up. Sophie's room is brilliant. I love the painted floor. If she ever decides to move out, can I have first refusal? I used the first of the cards I bought from you today and got really positive comments about it; although, truthfully, there are 4 that I am not going to let go of, I just love them so much.