Sunday, 27 September 2015

September splendour!

Aren't we lucky to have this view from our bathroom window?
It's been fabulous the last few mornings with the mists down in the valley.

I'm keeping busy - Sam has now moved into the box room ready to start decorating his room.

Stripping wallpaper has to be one of the worst jobs ever! And for some stupid reason in this house, they've wallpapered the ceilings too!

But I can now say it's done! Walls have been filled, sanded and washed down ready for painting and today.....

..... the carpet came up, revealing some lovely floorboards. Sam wants carpet, I like floorboards - it will probably come down to time in the end. The electrician arrives on Thursday to fit the extra sockets and then it's time to get painting. 

The build is still awaiting planning permission but initial building quotes have made us have a re-think or best case scenario, hope for a lottery win! It's basically a lot more expensive than we had anticipated, so a lot of compromises and decisions have to be made.

I've been running to relieve the stress - I love it. 5K at 7.30am on a Saturday morning with views like this - what better way to start the day?

I'm still following the SW plan - must say I do eat the most delicious food. This was apple, chocolate and mincemeat baked oats - absolutely delicious........

...... and this was pulled pork in a BBQ sauce cooked in the slow cooker for 8 hours. It was amazing, will be definitely be making it again.

So another week beckons and a new month just days away! 
I have lots of decisions to make and decorating to do, plus dots and spots and the everyday stuff too - at least the sun is shining and looks to be here for the week ahead. Just need to find 5 minutes to sit out in the garden and enjoy it.

 Have a good week x

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