Thursday, 28 January 2016

Getting there!

My new kitchen!

Well, my new kitchen space!

The walls have now been plastered, windows arrive tomorrow and hopefully the painting will start next week and kitchen units going in!!

This will fit along the wall in the above pic - ignore the brown cupboard, that'll be my 1950's blue cabinet and the blue wine racks on the wall will be my old pigeon holes.

(pigeon holes)

The units and counter then follow around the corner to the back door.

This is the back wall and will have french doors opening out into the garden. To the right will be a little study corner, with a desk and computer and to the left my old french grey cupboard, which will be home to all my nice bits of china. I'm hoping to buy a couple of movable comfy chairs so they can look out into the garden or face into the kitchen.

(source : pinterest) 

There will be a large sliding door panel (see pic above) along the back wall to go over the french doors, so the houses behind can't look in when the lights are on, should make it warmer too.

So this is more the style I'm going for this time, a little different from before but once all my bits and pieces are moved back in, I'm sure it won't look that different in style. I am planning on a good cull and de-clutter though and with any new space, the layers of 'stuff' build up gradually over time as you add things. Just need to be patient now - I'm not going to organise it properly until all building work is done and the dust has chance to settle!!

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Angel Jem said...

Oh, the wonderful possibility of it all! Go have fun, and I am looking forward to seeing it all finished. It sounds like a really neat design.