Saturday, 30 January 2016

Week 13 - build update

Week 13 has been a little frustrating - the builders didn't really get going until Thursday morning. Post birthday celebrations, bad weather forecasts (although the weather didn't turn out so bad) and I think a little procrastination of a job they didn't want to do but once they got going again, it was back on it in their normal fashion.

 This week the plasterer has been my silver lining - he worked so hard, was here until 7.30pm on Tuesday and worked non stop to get the kitchen plastered and finished.

The windows arrived in time for the weekend, so we are now all secure downstairs and you get more of a feeling of it being a complete room.

The builders eventually got on with the job the building regs guy has asked for - fitting a cascading channel into the side of the house. It's costing us a small fortune but will improve the join between the new and old house. 

Next week this little lot is being tidyed up - I feel so sorry for our neighbours having to look out onto this every day. Hopefully next week the plumber is coming back to do the water in the new bit and get the underfloor heating on! The painters arrive to do a mist coat and then the kitchen unit bases are going in. The guttering and soffits are going up, the side wall rendered , then the scaffolding at the front and side will be coming down. The new front door should be going in and the old front door used when the knock through happens, to connect the new bit to the old house. eek!!! I think that's it - still lots more to do but a huge amount being ticked off along the way.

 Let's see how much of the list gets done! 
Have a good week x

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