Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 10 - build update

So with the Christmas break over, it was time to get building again. I did slightly worry that it would be a slow start, with not much progress but how wrong could I be!

The gable end got finished and the last of the brick work done at the front and back.
We have chosen the roof tiles and ordered the windows. 
The electrician has had his first walk through for everything.

The 'knock through' was been made upstairs, so we can now go between the two bits internally. I was dreading this bit being done and all the mess but they taped up the door and it was done in a day. The downstairs will be the worst as it's all so open to the rest of the house but I have another couple of weeks until then.

So the upstairs room is going to be huge!
Jeff and I went in there yesterday to measure up and work out where all the furniture is going to go and it's so spacious. We've put in planning to change the velux to a dormer window, as the view of Glastonbury Tor is too good to ignore. So there is a 3 week consultation period until that can get started but the builders said they can work around that!

Whilst Jeff has still been on holiday, we've ordered the floor tiles for the kitchen floor as we're now having under floor heating and we've gone for the aqua splash-back for behind the cooker, to add a splash of colour. The bedroom floor is a white floorboard laminate, so at last I get the white floors I've always wanted!

So it's full steam ahead with all next week planned out - it won't be long now until the kitchen goes in  and by early March we should be finished xx

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