Saturday, 23 January 2016

Week 12 - build update!

What a full on busy week -  3 builders, 2 groundwork men, 2 plasterers, an electrician, carpenter and a plumber and the boss!

So the kitchen floor screed went down on Monday.....

....and the roof tiles went up on Tuesday.

Plaster board got finished on Wednesday and a little carpentry, ready for the arrival of the plasterers on Thursday.

This will be the view of Glastonbury Tor from our bedroom window!

Dave, the ground works man and his labourer came back to swap over to the mains drainage and new water mains. The front wall has come down to widen the drive and the hedges cleared.

The bath has come out and the loo moved to it's new spot. We've shopped for new bathroom fittings and are hoping it'll get done in February half term - we'll have to make use of the local swimming pools showering and toilet facilities that week lol! 
The kitchen people came for their last measure up and all is now ordered.

So next week the windows should be arriving, the kitchen plastered, the roof on the front finished and side wall rendered ready for some of the scaffolding to come down. Maybe even the cut through downstairs from the front hall into the kitchen done - I'm dreading that but I have to keep telling myself that all the mess and dust is now a means to the end........

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