Friday, 1 January 2016

HELLO 2016!

Pinch and a punch ....... hello 2016!

I love New Year - not the actual evening as such, we don't tend to do very much other than challenge ourselves to stay up until midnight, to watch the fireworks bring in the New Year! It's a fab chance though to look back on the past year, it's highs and it's lows and think about what the year ahead might bring.

This photo pretty much sums up 2015 for me. It was a fantastic year - I lost weight and kept it off!

 I now run!! I have a healthy BMI for the first time in 19 years! I made it into the National Press!!!!! I went blonde and feel 20 years younger! Moving house was the best decision ever and I look forward to showing the new house/build off to it's best in 2016! As this year ends, I thank Jeff for always supporting me, believing in me and being my biggest cheerleader

So here are a few challenges that I've set myself to focus on in the year ahead.
(all achievable)

My word for 2016 is CONSOLIDATE 

2015 was such a great year for me, I just feel this year I want to keep things as they are, maybe deepen them into my core a little more, with my eating & exercising & weight maintaining. Life is good at the moment and that's how I'd like it to stay - a good, steady year ahead for me please x

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year  x


Anonymous said...

What a good year 2015 was for you! You have so much to look forward to in 2016 inc a lovely new kitchen. Enjoy it all!
Happy new year. Mandy X

Judith said...

Good Luck with all of what you wish!
Happy New Year!

Angel Jem said...

Consolidating is a cracking stage to be at; no big changes, just a bedding in of what you've achieved. Good luck with the year ahead!