Saturday, 27 February 2016

Week 17 - build update

Another good week - pretty full on but still a reasonable amount left to do but dare I say it, the end is in sight. Well the end of the build, then I start to tackle the rest of the house!!


The tiler arrived to start laying the kitchen floor - the shower panels were fixed into place, the bedroom floor made good progress and it was so good to see the pigeon holes up!


More tiles down in the kitchen, we now have a downstairs loo and can use the shower (hence my attempt at a blind!!) and work on the outside of the dormer nearly done.


The fancy tiles went down in the kitchen and I LOVE them! The bathroom got paneled out, the inside dormer plaster boarded out and my poor new, white bedroom floor got covered in mess (sigh!)


Tiles down but the tilers now not back until Saturday afternoon to grout them. The dormer inside and out is now awaiting the plasterer's. The bathroom is now awaiting the electrician to second fix and the plumber to put up the heated towel rail. Oh! and more mess in my lovely bedroom!


A huge wash down and clear up today by the main builders as they head off next week onto a new project - I'll be sad to see them go. The carpenter has made a start on our bedroom wardrobes and has probably the biggest 'to do' list for next week now we're down to just one!

Highlight for me this week by far, has been the kitchen floor going down.

So next week the plasterer's should be returning to plaster the dormer inside and render the outside, plus skim the bathroom ceiling and the utility room. The carpenter has quite a few jobs on the the 'to do' list and the main builders have a few bits to do before they go off to their next build. I'm hoping by the end of next week it might just be the decorators left but we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great progress!! All looking good. Bet you cant wait for it to all be over and all your bits and pieces put away in rooms and cupboards. Not long now!!
Seems to me to all have happened quickly but I know from experience that when you living with it day in day out it doesn't seem so quick!
Mandy X

Aracely K. Montanez said...
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