Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Beals Wheels

Here's Sophie going off for her driving lesson - only her fourth, seems more. She is very keen to learn and pass her test and I am very keen for her to take over the school run!! We gave her a set of 5 lessons for her birthday, another set of 5 for her Christmas, her grandparents gave her money for another set and she has got herself a job and been working for the past few weeks, to save up for another set of 5. Each 2 hour lesson is £50 so a lot of money. Jeff and I see it as an important skill though to learn, so we are encouraging her enthusiasm all the way.

Rather surprisingly, it is me that seems to have taken on the task of taking her driving whenever she has some spare time. We had a confidence wobble today but got straight back out in the car this evening, in the dark and the rain and she was fine, in fact she was more than fine!. I keep telling her that it is not a race but a process, which will take as long as is necessary!!

Her job takes up a lot of her time, with college work to contend with too and Mocks just around the corner, she has a lot going on. She should be doing less hours at work now, with the Christmas madness nearly over and she'll be driving home from school every day once term starts. She's booked her theory test, so something else to learn but she is keen to get it ticked off. So tomorrow in the spare hour she has before work, we will be practising reversing around a corner, parking in a bay and manoeuvring around roundabouts and there are a lot of roundabouts near us!!!


Anonymous said...

I have been through what you and Sophie are going through - twice! It's such an exciting time, though scary when they first go off on their own after passing their tests. But it is great once they have their independence and certainly frees you up!
Good luck Sophie. You can do it!!
Mandy x

Karen Colcomb said...

The first year of sixth form is full of new things and lots of extras such as jobs and driving, it is tough on them but also on us, thankfully we are through the driving and ucas now just the A levels to nail.c marry Christmas to you all